We at Ackme Design are thrilled to have the opportunity to submit a proposal to help your company significantly lower its Graphic Designing costs.

In the accompanying business proposal, we have outlined how we can help your company transform from simply trying to acquire new clients to a powerful new dual approach that will help you increase the retention of your existing customers.

While at the same time reduce the designing cost that is 50% to 75% lower than you are spending now. And save precious time, which is more valuable for acquiring new clients and business.

We will provide you, full-time Graphic Designers, for all your designing requirements. You can decide your own working hours according to your convenience. Freedom of changing the designer anytime if you don’t like the style of its designing.

You can work with the designers in real-time or give jobs on time base module. Your complete data backup according to your requirements.

You do not have to run after and waste your precious time on cheap quality Freelancers or Crowd-sourcing because of creativity and uniqueness of design matter. Hire Professionals with Us!

Service with us takes all your burden off your shoulders to hunt for a design solution every time there is a need. We give you full-time SPOC (Special Person on Contact), an expert designer from our team to assist you, advice you and be your best designing solution for all your work.

A detailed overview of our work and services is highlighted on our website, we are confident that we can create a personalized plan that suits the requirements of your company.