What We Do

We are among the pioneer learning companies catering to multiple needs related to education, designing, training & development, publishing, E-learning, K-12 verticals. We combine the best educational content and assessment, powered by services and technology, to enable more effective teaching and personalized learning at all scales.


Bold headlines, rich text material that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade your target customers to take action of purchasing.


High-quality professional Hindi to English translation services carried out by purely native language experts.

Proofreading and editing

Our English proofreading team comprising of elite professionals with over 20+ years of experience, scrutinize the documents for errors, spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, etc. and share feedback accordingly, thereby helping authors and researchers in creating publication-ready documents.

K-12 Content support

We, at Ackme provide end-to-end K-12 content development, curriculum development and e-learning solutions for educational institutes, covering kindergarten to 12th-grade classes.

Soft skills and Personality development

At Ackme, we combine the best of soft skills’ training and personality development training, providing our clients with ample of ways to groom, garnish, and improve their chances of success in the corporate world.

Training and Development

Training Industry is the most trusted source of information on the business of learning and development today. Our Top Training Services’ List is based on thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience and expertise of training industry’ needs.

Design and creativity support

Colorful, high-resolution images, engaging videos and illustrative graphics can help potential buyers better understand your products and services, and help them see the benefits they offer.

Blog Writing

At Ackme, we also provide blog writing services, which gets you highly relevant, researched and professionally written content tailor made for your blog.

Social Media Marketing

At Ackme, we create gripping and compelling social media posts and narratives that drive engagement and increase the audience base, which helps in retaining the existing customer base as well as gaining new ones.